Powder Brows


Powder Brows with precision using a rotary pen Technique

Long-lasting definition with a soft, powdery finish, using shading for a beautifully blended and natural appearance.

The powder brow process involves using shading techniques with a rotary pen to create a soft, powdery finish.
This semi-permanent method results in a long-lasting and beautifully blended look, enhancing the eyebrows with a defined and natural appearance.

Indeed, brow powder tattoos are semi-permanent, offering a longer-lasting solution than traditional makeup. However, they typically last around 1 to 3 months, after which a reapplication is necessary to maintain the desired look.
This timeframe may vary depending on individual factors such as skin type, lifestyle, and aftercare practices. Regular touch-ups help ensure the continuous vibrancy and definition of the powder brow tattoo.

Benefits of Service

Who benefits from microblading eyebrows manual hair technique? Anyone who can identify with any one of the following:

  1. Long-Lasting Results: Enjoy the semi-permanent nature of brow powder tattoos, providing a defined look that endures for 1 to 3 months.
  2. Low Maintenance: With minimal upkeep required, these tattoos offer a hassle-free solution for maintaining well-defined eyebrows.
  3. Water-Resistant: Unlike traditional makeup, brow powder tattoos resist easy washing away, ensuring they stay intact even in challenging conditions.
  4. Customizable: Tailor the intensity and shape of your brows according to your preferences for a personalized and natural appearance.
  5. Time-Saving: Eliminate the need for daily eyebrow makeup routines, saving you time and effort in your daily beauty regimen.
  6. Effortless Definition: Achieve a beautifully blended and defined look effortlessly with the shading techniques used in the application process.
  7. Versatility: Suitable for various styles and preferences, brow powder tattoos offer versatility in achieving the desired eyebrow aesthetic.
  8. Semi-Permanent Convenience: Benefit from the convenience of a semi-permanent solution, allowing adjustments over time to suit evolving preferences.
  9. Enhanced Appearance: The soft, powdery finish enhances the overall appearance of the eyebrows, providing a natural and polished look.
  10. Expert Application: Undergo the brow powder tattoo process with skilled professionals, ensuring precision and artistry in achieving the desired results.

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Powder Eyebrows

Precision and artistry for natural, long-lasting beauty. Save time on your daily routine.


Powder Eyebrow Touch up

Touch-up is required within 1 to 3 months, following the recommended timeline by the permanent Artist. After 3 months, further adjustments will be considered as corrections. Ensure the lasting perfection of your look with timely touch-ups! 💖✨


Yearly color boost and Correction

Ensure your microbladed eyebrows stay vibrant and flawless with our yearly color boost and correction services. Keep your brows looking fresh and perfectly shaped, making them a long-lasting investment in your beauty routine.



What Our Clients Have to Say

Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow procedure that yields natural, crisp strokes that resemble hair. It is done by hand, using a very fine blade to deposit a small amount of ink into the skin. What our clients say about this procedure